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    发布日期:2022-10-01 来源:http://www-myxinhua-com.kulayni.com 发布人:xinhuachang

    Spring is the golden season for rabbit production. Therefore, it is necessary to lose no time to do well in spring breeding, reduce the empty womb of female rabbits, and improve the mating rate, litter rate and survival rate. Check the health of the young rabbits every day and deal with any problems found in time. The spring in the north, with appropriate temperature, less rainfall, windy and dry, and sufficient sunshine, is a good season for rabbits to grow and breed.
    1. feed nutrition
    In early spring, male and female rabbits should be supplemented with nutrition, especially protein, vitamins and trace elements. Each rabbit can feed 700g of green grass and 50g of mixed concentrate per day.
    2. heat preservation and lighting
    The weather in early spring is unstable, and sometimes it will be cold in late spring. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in cold prevention and heat preservation. The rabbit houses with low temperature and little light should be artificially filled with light to ensure that there are 14 ~ 16 hours of light every day.
    3. preferred breeding rabbit
    Spring breeding rabbits must have strong physique, good development and strong sexual desire; Female rabbits have well developed reproductive organs, more than 4 pairs of effective nipples, normal estrus, high birth rate and strong baby protection. It is good to adopt a male rabbit with a female rabbit. The ratio of male and female is 1 ∶ 8 ~ 10. Avoid inbreeding and prevent variety degeneration.
    4. suitable breeding
    Mengyin long haired rabbit is a stimulating ovulatory animal. Once the male rabbit is stimulated by mating, it can ovulate. Therefore, it should be compounded at an interval of 8 ~ 10 hours after the first mating. The test shows that the labia of the female rabbit is moist and swollen after estrus, which is said to be "pink early, black purple late, and old red just in time".
    5. manual auxiliary configuration
    Select the male rabbit with strong sexual desire, put the female rabbit into the male rabbit cage, press the female rabbit gently, hold the neck skin and two ears with the right hand, extend the left hand from the ventral side to the lower hind legs of the abdomen, support the female rabbit's genitals with the thumb and index finger, and raise the hip to the posture of head low tail high, allowing the male rabbit to mate freely. After breeding, gently pat the buttocks of the female rabbit with your hands to make the hindquarters tense, so as to facilitate the inhalation of semen and avoid backflow. After 8 hours or so after mating, the effect of breeding can be improved by compounding once more.
    The above is the relevant introduction of the problem. I hope it can help you. You can follow our website www.myxinhua COM, for more detailed information, our professional customer service staff will also provide you with good service!
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